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I’m a freelance SEO specialist in London & Essex with over 10 years experience.

With over 10 years experience in SEO, I’ve seen every Google update there has ever been. To date I’ve worked on thousands of websites for clients globally, from technical audits, Google penalty recovery, link building and beyond, no project is too large or too small.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been trained and work along side ex Google search engineers, these are some of the guys that built the algorithm used to rank websites today.

The process of SEO is pretty straight forward but many seem to get it wrong. Strong on page & technical SEO combined with high quality link building goes along way, done probably little brands can take over the top positions ahead of muliti million pound brands. Google SEO should be your number one focus point in your online strategy. ┬áRemember, it’s not the advertising budget that matters, but the person behind implementing the work, get it wrong and you’ll be investing time and money into nothing, done correctly, it’s every website for itself, if your SEO is better than the others, you’ll outrank and scoop all that free targeted traffic.

Your website is like your car, you wouldn’t expect to buy a car and that’s it, it needs investments (insurance, petrol) to keep it running. Your SEO campaign should also be like this, think of SEO as your “petrol” for your website.

For best results I like to work with monthly retainers, this essentially means results can be a steady growth for your business, SEP takes time and no-one can claim to rank a website overnight.

If your looking to stand out at the top of Google, get in touch for a free proposal.


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